RRING Community

We are a welcoming community that stands for mutual learning and collaboration to promote and mobilize for responsibility and freedom in research and innovation in line with the Recommendation on Science and Scientific Researchers (2017).

A true community of practice to learn,
share and apply

RRING goals are to establish and cultivate country by country, a true community of practice to learn, share and apply our influence to achieve ever more responsibility and freedom in research and innovation

Who can be a part of our community?

  • Research Performing Organisations (RPO)
  • Research Funding Organisations (RFO)
  • Researchers
  • Public authorities, policymakers and decision-makers
  • Business/Industry representatives
  • International and Non-governmental organisations (NGOs)
  • Higher education / Academia
  • Civil society

Join Us!

We can all work together as equals to shape the research and innovation ideas and visions.


As a member of the RRING community, you will be part of the leading global community working together to develop the responsible research and innovation ecosystem and influence on policies and voice your opinion in legislation.


You can enjoy access to knowledge-sharing activities and events. Research data, key documents/reports, training materials and toolkits, and knowledge base will be available to you.


You can meet professionals and organisations from the research and innovation ecosystem and also have opportunities to collaborate on joint projects focused on the industry or co-create impactful programs in the research and innovation ecosystem.

Why RRING community?

A better collaboration and mutual effort are needed for an advocacy directed toward influencing public policy and decision-making by policymakers. Although there is a wealth of projects and consortium in this sector, a certain methodology is needed to use the acquired knowledge to drive and achieve great progress. That is why RRING project seeks to connect researchers and research organizations into a strong community or network of professionals for responsible research and innovation (RRI).

We are striving to learn from, share and connect outstanding research practices all over the world to improve the quality and impact of scientific research on a global level.

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What we want?

Reach across European borders

We want to reach across European borders, so that one day everyone in the world will be and can be part of decision-making processes in science.

Decisions made from Bottom-Up

We want to transform the scientific environment to one in which decisions are made from the bottom-up, involving everyone who would be influenced by or can be expected to have an impact on research and innovation will participate from the very first moment onwards.

Address the biggest challenges

Research and innovation ideas and visions come from everywhere. When we connect the potential of the whole world, we can address the biggest challenges of this century.

Work Package 7: RRING Community

RRING Community is implemented under the objective Work Package 7. If you want to know more about this Work Package, click bellow.