Our Deliverables


26 reports are being implemented by our partners




Project initiation document (PID)1UCC
Quality assurance Plan (QAP)1UCC
Risk management Plan1UCC
Data management plan1UCC
Stakeholder selection and consultation guidelines1UCC
RRING self-evaluation report of RRI practice in the1UCC
Dissemination and Communication Plan, materials and channels2UCC
Strategies to mobilise and promote RRING2UCC
Final Dissemination  & Communications Report2UCC
SoA of RRI in Europe/ N America3ICoRSA
SoA of RRI in L America3ICoRSA
SoA of RRI in Africa3ICoRSA
SoA of RRI in Asia3ICoRSA
SoA of RRI in Arab3ICoRSA
Report on RRI Best Practice and learning opportunities4HSRW
Global SDG and RRI comparative analysis4HSRW
Recommendations Report on methodology to leverage RRI competitive advantages5WU
Alignment of RRI to advance the UN SDGs6UNESCO
High level Strategies for each of the 7 Geographic regions6UNESCO
Results of workshop on RRI strategies and roadmaps for 2 selected EU countries6UNESCO
Recommendations report on improvements to MORRI indicators for European RRI initiatives6UNESCO
SoA of RRI networks, and Network Theory7UCC
Report on trial period of RRING Network functionality7UCC
Procedures and criteria that will be used to identify/recruit research participants. Informed consent procedures3UCC