Our Deliverables


26 reports are being implemented by our partners




Project initiation document (PID) 1 UCC
Quality assurance Plan (QAP) 1 UCC
Risk management Plan 1 UCC
Data management plan 1 UCC
Stakeholder selection and consultation guidelines 1 UCC
RRING self-evaluation report of RRI practice in the 1 UCC
Dissemination and Communication Plan, materials and channels 2 UCC
Strategies to mobilise and promote RRING 2 UCC
Final Dissemination  & Communications Report 2 UCC
SoA of RRI in Europe/ N America 3 ICoRSA
SoA of RRI in L America 3 ICoRSA
SoA of RRI in Africa 3 ICoRSA
SoA of RRI in Asia 3 ICoRSA
SoA of RRI in Arab 3 ICoRSA
Report on RRI Best Practice and learning opportunities 4 HSRW
Global SDG and RRI comparative analysis 4 HSRW
Recommendations Report on methodology to leverage RRI competitive advantages 5 WU
Alignment of RRI to advance the UN SDGs 6 UNESCO
High level Strategies for each of the 7 Geographic regions 6 UNESCO
Results of workshop on RRI strategies and roadmaps for 2 selected EU countries 6 UNESCO
Recommendations report on improvements to MORRI indicators for European RRI initiatives 6 UNESCO
SoA of RRI networks, and Network Theory 7 UCC
Report on trial period of RRING Network functionality 7 UCC
Procedures and criteria that will be used to identify/recruit research participants. Informed consent procedures 3 UCC