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Webinar: Risks, uncertainties and resilience – Responsible Research and Innovation after the Covid-19 crisis

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07 Sep 10:00

Date: Monday September 7th

When: 10.00 AM – 3.30 PM (CET time)


Please note that the program is subject to change.

10.00-10.15: Opening and practical info

Part 1 (10.15-11.30): The challenges of anticipation – Predicting, Preparing, Prioritising

The future is full of opportunities, risks and uncertainties. How can we critically and responsibly decide what to prioritise and where to concentrate our efforts?

Chairs: Giovanni de Grandis (NTNU)  and Erik Thorstensen (OsloMet)

Prerecorded talk:

Arthur Petersen (University College London): The trouble with uncertainty – Pitfalls for scientists, advisors and policy makers.

10.15-10.30: Intro by Giovanni De Grandis

10.30-10.45: Joyce Tait (Innogen institute, University of Edinburgh): Proportionate governance of innovation

10.45-11.00: Jeroen van der Sluijs (SVT, University of Bergen): Science for policy under deep uncertainty

11.00-11.30: Panel discussion with questions from the audience

11.30-12.00: Coffee break

Part 2 (12.00-13.15): Development, Inclusion and Resilience

Crises expose society’s cracks and often hit harder on vulnerable and marginal groups. How can we agree on shared goals, values and commitments?


Siri G. Carson (NTNU) and Kristian Alm (BI, Norwegian Business School)

Prerecorded talk:

Lars Klüver (Director of The Danish Board of Technology): Participatory policy-making when the crisis roars

12.00-12-15: Intro by Siri G. Carson

12.15-1230: Atle Midttun (BI, Norwegian Business School): Fairness, resilience and productivity – How can they be combined?

12.30-12.45: Tatiana Iakovleva (University of Stavanger): Entrepreneurs’ resilience and well-being in the COVID-19 pandemic – Preliminary results from survey

12.45-13.15: Panel discussion with questions from the audience

13.15-14.15: Lunch break

Part 3 (14.15-15.30): Adaptation, Openness and Vulnerability

As we adapt technologies to new uses and emerging needs, new vulnerabilities emerge and challenge existing practices and regulations. How can we reconcile agility and flexibility in innovation with reflexivity and critical scrutiny?


Matthias Kaiser (UiB) and Anne Bremer (UiB)

Prerecorded talks:

Hanne Anderson (University of Copenhagen): Learning from the past in developing algorithms for the future

Irina Brass (University College London): Innovation and new systemic and infrastructural risks and vulnerabilities – The case of cybersecurity

14.15-14.30: Intro by Matthias Kaiser

14.30-14.45: Jack Stilgoe (University College London): Responsible innovation and social learning

14.45-15.00: Giovanni De Grandis (NTNU): Adaptation as unusual – Some challenges of being adaptive

15.00-15.30: Panel discussion & closing comments

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September 7
10:00 am - 3:30 pm

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