Vilnius Meeting

Vilnius meeting took place in November 2018, gathering RRING project partners in order to further develop Work Packages plans and their implementation. The meeting lasted for four days and turned out to be very significant for project’s progress.


Day 1: Tuesday 5th Nov

RCLResearch Council of Lithuania, address: Gedimino pr. 3, 01103 Vilnius.

9:30       Welcome and Introductions

Facilitating: Project Coordinator/Hosting org.

9:45       WP4 journey mapping: Part 1 (Getting on same page):

  • Summary of WP4 rationale and overview. (including briefly summarising coverage of the RRI dimensions, including gender equality)
  • Subtask-by-subtask plan walk-through presented by each subtask lead. (Kate [EUR] to introduce and chair T4.2 part; Eric (ICoRSA) for T4.3; Emma (Vitae) for T4.4; UNESCO to introduce and chair T4.5 part)
  • [comfort break]
  • Introduction to the range of data that will be available from WP3 (Eric to introduce) and WP5 (Edurne to introduce) to use in WP4.
  • General Q & A to clarify throughout, with notes on clarifications to feedback into elaborated WP4 action plan.

Facilitating: Alex Gerber (HSRW)


11:30     Coffee

12:00     WP4 journey mapping Part 2 (Breakout small group sessions to elaborate subtask-level plans):

  • -Subtask leaders will convene planning sessions to clarify roles and responsibilities and a subtask level draft action plan.
  • -This will proceed Task by Task, starting with T4.2 (chaired by Kate), then T4.3 (chaired by Eric)

Facilitating: Alex Gerber (HSRW)

13:00     Lunch

14:00     WP4 journey mapping Part 2 cont’d (Breakout small group sessions to elaborate subtask-level plans):

  • This will proceed Task by Task, continuing with T4.4 (chaired by Emma), then T4.5 (chaired by UNESCO representative)
  • (last 20 minutes)WP4 journey mapping Part 3: Clarifying specific, finalised plans and expectations for T4.4 Glocals

Facilitating: Alex Gerber (HSRW

)Lead: UNESCO representative / Vitae

Chair: Alex Gerber

15:30     Coffee

16:00     WP7 RRING network Model and Gender Dimensions

Facilitating; Fernando Ferri and Patrizia Griffoni

17:00     WP2 Public Forums and School visits

Facilitating: Emma Day

17:30     Finish


Excursion: University Tour

18 persons attending

19 :30    Evening dinner


Day 2: Wednesday 6th Nov

Room 239, Vilnius University, address, Universiteto g. 3, Vilnius 01513

9:30       SRC        John Crowley/ Carl Vannetelbosch

10:15     Ombuds committee        Edurne Inigo

11:00     Coffee

11:30     RRING Gender Dimension discussion – Aurelija Novelskaite

13:00     Lunch

14:00     GoSpin database – John Crowley/ Carl Vannetelbosch

15:30     Coffee

16:00     Project-wide discussion and opinions – Gordon Dalton

17:00     Finish


Pre meeting session

For WP leaders only

Monday 4th Nov- 2pm-5pm

RCLResearch Council of Lithuania, address: Gedimino pr. 3, 01103 Vilnius.

14:00     Welcome and Introductions

Project Coordinator/Hosting org.

14:15    WP3 wrap-upand responding to any questions about integration/coverage of gender equality and other RRI dimensions

Eric Jensen

15:00     Coffee

15:30     WP5 wrap-up and Gender Dimensions retrospective learning

Edurne Inigo

17:00     Other matters

  • Finalise agreed must have outcomes from RRING in P2?
  • Discuss plans for ramping up WP6
  • Action plan for each task?
  • Country case studies, when to reach out
  • Discuss at risk partners and mitigation

Gordon Dalton

18:30     Close

19:30     Dinner


Nov 05 2018 - Oct 05 2020


All Day

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