How to balance today’s profits and tomorrow’s impacts

How to balance today’s profits and tomorrow’s impacts

on September 14, 2020

The guest in this week’s Responsible Innovation Story is Joachim von Heimburg. He is an Innovation Architect and Executive Advisor on state-of-the-art innovation strategies and structures and has an extensive track record in designing responsible business models in industry. For him, Responsible Innovation provides the ideal framework to engage companies with aspects of responsibility.

“Companies have to balance profits and societal expectations. Responsible Innovation can help them!”

Our most important insights from this interview with Joachim von Heimburg:

  • In the age of large-scale disruption and uncertainty, companies have to live up to responsibilities beyond their organizational boundaries.
  • However, many still struggle to strike the balance between being competitive and caring for potential impacts of technology.
  • Responsible Innovation provides an ideal framework for companies to reflect on their role in society and create a unique selling proposition.

Click on the time stamps to watch the respective topics:

00:00 Responsible Innovation – A challenging mix for business?

02:50 A New Dimension of Value Creation

06:25 Sustainability and Innovation in Silos

08:28 Business Opportunities of Responsible Innovation

10:16 Synergies with Open Innovation

11:34 The Four Gear Model of Responsible Innovation

16:00 Closing the Innovation Gap

18:26 The Institutional Perspective

21:39 Boosting T-shaped Profiles

24:59 The Future of Responsible Innovation

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