Responsible Research and Innovation & Digital Inclusiveness during Covid-19 Crisis

Responsible Research and Innovation & Digital Inclusiveness during Covid-19 Crisis in the Human Brain Project (HBP) Covid-19 changes the lives of all of us: Institutions and other places are closed; […]

Guide Involving Communities in the COVID-19 Response

From how we continue to fight the pandemic, to what the new normal for our economy, environment and communities should look like, significant decisions need to be taken in the […]

COVID-19 and Changes in Conduct and Share of Research

Our current research and social context – the coronavirus pandemic, economic upheaval, climate change, racial injustice – requires timely and reliable research results, shared equitably by, and with, all parts […]

Could the coronavirus crisis lead to increased citizen empowerment?

The key to halting the spread of the virus is responsible behavior and citizen empowerment. But to achieve this, people must trust science, the government, and media. Could the crisis […]

The Recommendations on Science & COVID-19 RRING Virtual Workshop

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought attention to the need for science communications by public authorities. For this, the engagement of science communities to help public authorities fine-tune their messages and […]

Let COVID-19 expand awareness of disability tech

The pandemic’s disruption shows how much academia could learn from the disability community. Disabled people including myself have long campaigned for accommodations to help us live our lives. The COVID-19 […]

Trust and COVID-19

Photo by Hello I’m Nik ? on Unsplash Trust is central to the containment of the COVID-19 virus. Governments need their citizens to trust that their strategies are going to work, and really […]