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Anette Strömberg
- Anette - Joined April 12, 2021
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I have a doctors degree in Chemistry from the University of Gothenburg (2001). Prior to my position at Mälardalen University, I worked with innovation in a university spin off company. The goods developed, tools for biotechnology such as single cell manipulations, where based on patents based on the research done together with former fellow post graduate students and supervisor. Prior to my university studies, I worked as product-and production developer at ABB Distribution in Västerås. Within Mälardalen university I have worked in leading positions such as head of department, director of studies and part of the management team for the research scholl Innofacture. Currently, I am elected teachers representative in the faculty boards committee for research and education in technology. Also, I am substitute for IDT's representative in the ethics council at MDH. My main focus and interest though, is education and research.