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Leela MadhavaRau
- LeelaMadRau - Joined April 2, 2021
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Education and Training
St. Catharines
Canada, United Kingdom
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Master\'s degree
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Leela MadhavaRau serves as the Director of Human Rights and Equity at Brock University in St. Catharines ON Canada. Leela came to Brock in September 2018 after spending the previous 16 years in southern California as the Advisor to the President and Associate Dean for Campus Diversity and Inclusion at the University of Redlands. Earlier in her career, Leela undertook similar work at Michigan State University and Western University. Leela’s expertise in the area of equity, diversity and inclusion has provided her with the opportunity to present at many national and international conferences, as well as becoming a mentor for individuals beginning their careers in this field. Leela immigrated to Canada from England and is excited to return to that country after years in England and the United States. Her degrees in Anthropology are from McGill and Cambridge. Leela is a Canadian British South Asian fascinated by the ways in which culture is transmitted through time and space and the ways in which communities select what elements to retain and what to lose over generations. Her anthropological training provides her with an inherent curiosity about what makes it difficult for humans to “just get along”. She raised her four children in the spirit of Maria Montessori with the consequence that they are scattered far and wide.