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Amparo Borrell
- - Joined February 25, 2021
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Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
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Doctorate or higher
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Amparo Borrell has a degree in Physics by the University of Valencia (Spain). PhD in Materials Science at the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) - Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology Research Center (CINN), with extraordinary Prize. At present, she has a research position at the Institute of Materials Technology in Polytechnic University of Valencia. She realized national and international postdoctoral stays, framed within different projects, at the Institute of Ceramics and Glass (ICV-CSIC), Institute of Ceramic Technology (ITC-UJI), Sao Paulo University in Brazil, and University of Modena, Italy. Her main research lines are ceramics processing with non-conventional sintering techniques (Spark Plasma Sintering, Flash Sintering and Microwave Technology). During her research career, she has participated in 24 research projects funded by the European Union, the Spanish Government, private companies and the regional government, being IP in two of them. Her research activity is reflected in more than 85 papers in international scientific journals. She has participated in a total of 110 congresses and several technology transfer activities that have generating 3 patents. She also involved in teaching activities in Industrial and Aerospace Engineering degrees and Master’s degree in Mechanical, Chemical and Materials engineering (Doctoral School) at Polytechnic University of Valencia.