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Andrés Martínez-Medina, architect (Higher Technical School of Architecture of Valencia, 1985) and PhD architect (Polytechnic University of Valencia, 1995) (UPV); COACV award for the doctoral thesis. Professor of Architectural Composition at the University of Alicante (UA) since 1994 in Architectural Drawing, History of Architecture (I and II) and Theories and Projects of Heritage Intervention. He has been visiting professor at the University of Palermo and the Politecnico di Milano. He has taught in master's degrees at the ETS in Valencia and Seville, and at the Faculties of Rome-La Sapienza, Milan, Bologna, Naples and Cagliari, among others. He has directed several teaching innovation projects in the Degree in Architecture. He is coordinator of the Sustainable Architecture and Urban Planning line of the doctoral program. He has been a research fellow (FPI) of the MEC (1986-89), of the MOP (1992-94) for issues of the s. XX and by the GV in the Fondazione G. Michelucci de Fiesole (2019). Director of the MAP research group (Metropolis, Architecture and Heritage). Coordinator of the Foro-Critica collection of the College of Architects. He has directed several doctoral theses, as well as various PFCs, DEAs and TFGs. His research works focus on the architectural heritage of the ss. XVIII to XX linked to the Mediterranean and architectural drawing, with several articles in magazines and communications to international conferences. Member of various scientific committees of congresses (FortMed, Modernism, EGA, Tourism ...) and magazines (EGE, I2, Loogia and Temporánea). Reviewer of several magazines (En Blanco, Ciudad y Territorio, I2 ...) and publication services (UPV and MF). He has participated in various public and private research projects. Friend of Icomos, DoCoMoMo and Alejandro de la Sota. He is the author or co-author of: La arquitectura de la ciudad de Alicante, 1923-1943 (CTAA, Gil-Albert 1998) Guía de Arquitectura de la Provincia de Alicante (Gil-Albert 1999); Arquitectura del Sol_Sunland Architecture (CSAE 2002); Dibujos y Arquitectura de Miguel López González (CTAA 2008), Equipamientos I y II. Registro DoCoMoMo Ibérico 1925-65 (Arquia 2010 i 2011); Arquitecturas para la defensa de la costa Mediterránea (1936-1939) (UA 2016), i Tiempos de la Arquitectura (Munilla 2019).