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I am an academic who has served 20 years in various roles, junior lecturer, lecturer, senior lecturer, and Head of department (Acting) during May 2019 – March 2021 to fifteen staff members and over 3 000 students in the Department of Financial Accounting at the Durban University of Technology (DUT), Durban, RSA. My teaching area straddles across Cost and management accounting and Financial accounting at undergraduate level. I have been the curriculum leader of the Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting which has already been submitted to CHE for possible offering in 2022. My PhD was completed with the support of two scholarships; NRF (Department of Science and Technology) 2018 and DUT Postgraduate Grant 2017. In addition, towards the latter part of 2018, I obtained another scholarship from NRF - FRF 2019. I have presented academic papers at an international conference as well as locally, and also published both in a Decolonized book and DHET accredited Scopus journals. I am an internal and external reviewer for FRC, FREC, NRF, and Routledge-Taylor & Francis group DHET journal, in addition to undergraduate and postgraduate external examiner for other HEIs in South Africa. I am supervising master’s students in the broad fields of Ethics, Accounting Education, Environmental Accounting & Sustainability, 4th Industrial Revolution, and SMMEs. My research area cuts across the disciplines of Financial accounting (IFRS based); Auditing - Corporate governance, Applied ethics, Ethical leadership, Educational leadership, and Employee engagement. I am one of the team leaders to an international research collaborations with Coventry University, United Kingdom (UK) for undergraduate and postgraduate students since 2020. I was a guest speaker at “Extended Curriculum Program FYSE research projects, DUT. As an academic, researcher and Professional Accountant (SA), I have a passion for the theoretical and practical aspects of financial accounting, auditing, educational leadership and management.