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Bistra Vassileva
- centre4inno - Joined April 27, 2021
Organisation name
Centre Innovation and Development
Main Expertise
Education and Training
Other expertise
Hospitality and Tourism
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Centre Innovation and Development (CID) was established in 2000. The main goal of CID is to support and develop “business – academia” relationship in contemporary fields of knowledge. The CID staff has a lot of experience and expertise in developing training programmes and projects (including accelerators) aimed at developing innovative and creative skills in various target groups. The CID main scope of work comprises systematic interdisciplinary research, analyses, consultations and other project activities aimed at business organisations, institutions and public administration. The emphasis of CID efforts is placed on implementation of contemporary research tools and methodologies, incl. ICT, innovative teaching methods, and innovative models for business development. CID research and consulting priorities are focused on knowledge-based services, creative and recreative industries, ICT.