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Darryl Herron
- - Joined February 25, 2021
Main Expertise
Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
Other expertise
Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources
South Africa
Highest Educational Qualification
Master\'s degree
Biographical Info
Darryl is a forest pathologist and diagnostician. He spent most of his career working in the Tree Protection Co-operative Programme (TPCP) based at FABI, University of Pretoria. There he spent nine years managing the plant clinic and two years working in field extension. His MSc and PhD focused on a group of fungal pathogens in the genus Fusarium with a particular focus on the pine pitch canker fungus, Fusarium circinatum. Currently, Darryl works at Scion in New Zealand, where he is Team Lead for Pathogen Diagnostics and Collections. He leads the diagnostics team and is curator of Scion's fungal collections. He is also involved in a number of projects linked to New Zealand's biosecurity.