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Guntram Werther
- - Joined February 25, 2021
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Guntram F. A. Werther, Ph.D. was until retiring in 2021 from academic, Professor, Integrative Business Applications Group, at the Fox School of Business, Temple University. In +30 years of top-of-government and Fortune 10 to Fortune 500 work involving mid- to most senior management levels from +100 countries. The Program Manager of the Office of The Director of National Intelligence Proteus Futures Group wrote: “I believe that he is the leading practitioner of holistically forecasting future trends” and, in 2009, when his research was featured at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence Intelligence Community Center for Academic Excellence, the Proteus’ Executive Director termed it “unequaled.” The Society of Actuaries’ Extreme Risk Recognition Project Oversight Group Director said in 2013, “His skills as a collaborator and insightful thinker would enhance even the strongest academic institution or research team.” Numerous similar references exist. Guntram F. A. Werther’s doctorate is awarded from top-ranked Washington University in St. Louis alumnum pro meritis, with his dissertation ‘defended with distinction‘ and twice nominated best comparative doctoral dissertation in the U.S (1990/1991). His 1992 book thereon was reviewed as the best work in its field and is still in print.