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Judith Kohn
- - Joined February 25, 2021
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Education and Training
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Arts, Audio/Video Technology and Communications
Hardwick MA
United States of America
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Master\'s degree
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A right brained(Romantic) with baccalaureates in literature and later, science (nursing), and beset with a suddenly disabled child, I spent three decades in hospital medicine and advocated for better, indeed any treatment to improve the lot of mentally then any ill person. Now an elder, I have written tomes on better more scientific forms of diagnosis and treatment now evolved into a system of prevention through personalized, omic or precision medicine. The epispheric science of New Medicine using AI & AI or machine learning and it’s applied informatics as intervention I believe will address global sustainability and prevent personal and pandemic ill being. It is my hope that RRING can foster the Episphere for science and human health.