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Michael Fischer
- - Joined February 25, 2021
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the world lecture project
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Arts, Audio/Video Technology and Communications
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Information Technology
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With more than 57.000 videos (wlp)° is one of the largest video libraries for academic videos with contributions of most outstanding scholars and scientists from around the globe. You can sort systematically through videos from many different disciplines, universities, and countries and find embedded videos provided by huge video platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, or Dailymotion, but also linked videos from universities and other educational institutions. Our system allows you to set up and publish individual topic sites bringing together most relevant videos and other information in your area of interest. You can invite friends and colleagues for commonly creating topics and you can publish and share your topics not only on (wlp)° but also on other websites and in social networks. To see what leading scientists from different countries and faculties have to say about the most pressing issues of the 21'st century like climate change, artificial intelligence or the crisis of democratic systems, we started to create interdisciplinary topic sites, bringing together videos from different disciplines and cultures to discuss them in the light of ongoing controversies, and opposing opinions. For extending the scope of these activities, we are organizing international partnerships to commonly elaborate interdisciplinary topics sites; and for involving you into this process, we opened some of the topic-sites for public editing so you can add new videos and help extending and updating the topics with new information. Go to: