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Olga Glumac
- - Joined February 25, 2021
Main Expertise
Education and Training
Other expertise
Arts, Audio/Video Technology and Communications, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
Highest Educational Qualification
Doctorate or higher
Biographical Info
Olga is a Senior Consultant at SPI focused on the application of service and learning design methodologies, methods and tools to ensure the sustainability of new solutions and businesses developed in Research, Innovation and Development projects (i.e. practices, technologies, systems and other types of products). She provides capability-building services for knowledge transfer and peer exchange. She is a practitioner of co-creation and multi-stakeholder engagement – leading these aspects in a range of projects, with over 10 years of professional experience for private, public, non-governmental and research organisations. She holds PhD in Design obtained at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Univeristy of Porto in collaboration with University of Aveiro, ID+ and UPTEC PINC.