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Rocío Silleras-Aguilar
- - Joined February 25, 2021
Main Expertise
Arts, Audio/Video Technology and Communications
Other expertise
Education and Training, Information Technology, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
Highest Educational Qualification
Doctorate or higher
Biographical Info
PhD Cum Laude in Fine Arts, specialized in plastic and sound art. Full-Stack Web Developer and Expert in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. She develops her work focused on artistic creation and university education and research. Since 2007 she has exhibited her work in various exhibitions, festivals and concerts, showing her praxis at a national and international level (Spain, United Kingdom, México). She has collaborated with different artistic projects such as or the Sound Map of México. She was a member of the experimental music sound-plastic group De Irregularis (from beginning to end 2008-2013), giving multiple concerts. She was the curator of the Un Minuto para Miguel Molina project and creator of the RE(((SON)))ANCE project. For years, she has also been invited to give lectures, masterclasses, seminars and teaching at different universities and research centers such as BB.AA.-UPV, ETSIT-UPV, UB, EHU, IVAM, CSIMP-UAM, ESMAR or UE-Valencia, among others. Her multidisciplinary nature has allowed her to develop her teaching work in areas as diverse as visual arts, music, telecommunications, programming or tourism. She is currently a teacher in the University Master's Degree in Teacher Training at the UE-Valencia and in the Master's Degree in Sound Art at the Higher School of High Performance Music in Valencia. (Ed. 2020 canceled by COVID-19, postponed to 2021). She has also collaborated and collaborates in multiple university research projects in BB.AA. as in Telecommunications or Physics faculties, several of them R&D. Her research areas include the arts, music and art therapy, artificial intelligence applied to the analysis of the image and her interest in the power of arts in STEM education. Since 2020 she is a researcher at the Nuclear Physics Group of the UCM-Madrid, in the X-COV and ULTRACOV Research Projects, where she develops tools for the analysis of medical images with artificial intelligence. The X-COV Project has received several awards (hackathon #VenceAlVirus, master winner hackathon UNESCO #CodeTheCurve, 1st CompluEmprende Prize). And since January 2021 she is also part of the research team of the DataArt Group. From the Faculty of BB.AA.-UCM. On the other hand, since 2019 she is a member of the Association of Women Researchers and Technologists (AMIT) and since 2021 of the RRING (Responsible Research and Innovation Networked Globally) network of researchers. Finally, she has made numerous scientific publications and conferences nationally and internationally and has been invited as a specialist in art or technology at exhibitions, festivals, congresses and multiple media. Either to showcase her artistic praxis or to conduct interviews related to her work with X-COV or in STEAM educational projects.