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Slimene sedrette
- - Joined February 25, 2021
Main Expertise
Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
Other expertise
Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources
Monastir Tunisia
Highest Educational Qualification
Doctorate or higher
Biographical Info
Slimene sedrette has a Ph.D in Geological Sciences from the University of Tunis - El Manar in Tunisia and works at the interface of geology, natural environment and geomatics, using remote sensing and multisources data. He is also Envitonmental Analyst with expertise in spatial analysis and transfer of data between software packages. He has several publications in international journals in the field of GIS, remote sensing, morphometric analysis and neotectonics. In addition to teaching and research he has carried out several administrative roles, and played an active part in a number of internal, external and international working groups and committees in the field of science popularization. Slimene worked for 15 years as a scientific explainer at the Tunis Science City, where he designed and developed informal science education resources. In addition he was the project manager of the design and the realization of the « Saharan Dinosaurs » exhibit, the first Tunisian interactive scientific exhibition. He was also appointed as a project manager - founder of Tataouine Science Village. He now hold, the position of Head of Scientific Programs Department, and lead the scientific explainer group within the Monastir Sciences Palace since july 2015.