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Wahyudi Hasbi
- whasbi - Joined March 20, 2021
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Wahyudi Hasbi graduated from Physics Dept, Hasanuddin University, Makassar, Indonesia in 2000, and received the M.Sc., degree in Computer Science from the Bogor Agricultural University, Bogor, Indonesia in 2011. He holds a Doctoral degree in Engineering in the satellite system from Technische Universitat-Berlin, Germany. Currently, He is the Coordinator of the Dissemination Division and also a Senior Researcher in Satellite Technology Center, National Institute for Aeronautics & Space (LAPAN). In 2003-2004, He was a member of the principal engineer in LAPAN-TUBSAT satellite development, the first Indonesian Microsatellite jointly developed with Technische Universitat Berlin. He is also appointed as System Engineer and Chief Engineer respectively in the development of LAPAN-A2/LAPAN-ORARI (2010-2013) and LAPAN-A3/IPB (2013-2016) satellites in Indonesia which are in orbit since 2015. He received an award from the Chairman of LAPAN as the Outstanding Performance Employee of the National Institute for Aeronautics & Space (LAPAN) in 2015. In 2016, He also received a prestigious medal award of Satyalancana Wirakarya (“Role Model Medal”) For "Outstanding Dedication to The Country in Satellite Design & Development And Become A Role Model In The Satellite Technology" from the President Republic of Indonesia. Wahyudi is a Senior Member of IEEE in Aerospace & Electronics Systems & Computer Society. He is IEEE Indonesia Section Chair 2021. He was also as Vice-Chair of IEEE Indonesia Section from 2017-2019. He is also Vice-Chair of The Indonesia Section Joint Chapter of IEEE Aerospace & Electronics Systems and IEEE Geoscience & Remote Sensing Society since 2013. He was the General Chair of the IEEE International Conference on Aerospace & Remote Sensing (ICARES) 2014, 2015, 2018, and 2019. He is also a member of the Amateur Radio Organization of Indonesia (ORARI) since 2010 and encourages amateur radio payload in LAPAN-A2/ORARI satellite for communication backup especially during a disaster in Indonesia. His main research interests include microsatellite, satellite systems, satellite communications, and communication techniques. He was actively invited to several Nano-satellite workshops held in several universities in Indonesia. He has published more than 45 papers in journals & conference proceedings and also in 2 books.