RRING Public Forum Events

RRING Public Forum Events

on October 19, 2020

RRING public forum events are a vital part of our work in bringing various stakeholders together around a topic of mutual interest and for a common purpose.  They form part of our ongoing work in taking responsible, research and innovation conversations outside of academia and into the public domain, with an objective of mutual collaboration to tackle societal challenges specifically the UN Sustainable Development goals.  They are based on three principles:

  • Co-creation (ie. What can we as a group of stakeholders do to address the topic)?
  • Social innovation (How can we meet societal needs in an innovative way?)
  • Social entrepreneurship (What entrepreneurial solutions can society produce?)

Better science requires mutual learning between scientists and the public in order to understand a breadth of perspectives, frames and global views. It also provides an opportunity for the dissemination of science and research. Members of the RRING network should be looking for opportunities to host or get involved with public forum type events in order to truly achieve the RRING objectives.

When and How

Any member of the RRING community can hold a public forum event with the support of the RRING project team.  They are held on an ad-hoc basis either virtually or as in-person events depending on the format that is most suitable.  They may form part of larger events or a series of events.  The flexibility of these events is extremely important in order that the format is best for engaging the interested wider public.

They will generally be based around a topic of specific scientific interest on a local, global or national basis, often with an element of political or conceptual controversy usually underpinned by the SDGs.  Content must be accessible for all stakeholders not just those representing academia. Formats may include expert speakers, round table discussions and open question and answer sessions.

Example events

Future Events

Future public forums are planned in Spain, Japan, India and the UK.  RRING members and trial countries are urged to consider how they are engaging with the wider public and what topics are of relevance and importance to their national agenda. They should look at ways in which they can connect academia to wider society and consider public forums as a way of doing this.  The RRING project team can support in modes of engagement and planning and preparing for these events.

For more information please contact us via email: emma.day@vitae.ac.uk